Startups & Growth Companies

Manage growth while minimizing risk with advice from our experts

Startups and high growth companies have different financial needs that often cannot be met by traditional financial institutions. Accord's Factoring and Asset-Based Lending options are often an appropriate method of financing these types of business.

Even the most successful startups fall short of traditional bank requirements, which often entail several years of profitable history to obtain loans. Because Accord Financial focuses on the strength of your customers, we can work with startups to finance growth while assisting them with building a track record of strong performance.

Growing companies have a different set of challenges because traditional lenders often cap the level of financing offered based upon the owners' equity in the business; therefore, may not advance the funds required to sustain your growth during the most critical moments. Since Accord's financing is dependent upon the level of your receivables and other assets, there is greater flexibility when it comes to your financing options.