Asset-Based Lending

Leverage your assets, gain financial flexibility

Accord Financial understands there is more to a business' true value than simply figures on a balance sheet. While banks traditionally focus only on the books to determine loan eligibility, we'll work with you to determine your financing options based on the realizable value of all of your assets.

Accord can leverage your assets to free up cash for day-to-day operations, expansion, payroll and more. An Asset-Based Loan (ABL) is a revolving loan based upon the total realizable value of accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment. This type of loan functions much like an operating line of credit; however, collections are deposited into an account under the lender's control. Funds are allocated based upon closely monitored collateral.

By focusing on the value of your assets and gaining a greater level of monitoring, Accord Financial's asset-based lending can provide funding in many situations where businesses have exhausted all of their options with traditional lenders. ABL also carries few financial covenants, if any.

Asset-based loans aren't just restricted to accounts receivable. We're also able to finance:

  • Inventory – Accord can offer loans to finance inventory held for resale to business or retail customers.
  • Machinery & Equipment – In conjunction with accounts receivable financing, we can structure loans against your machinery and equipment based upon their appraised liquidation value. These loans typically amortize over 3 years.
  • Purchase Order Financing – While Accord is financing your accounts receivable, we can finance your purchase orders by opening Letters of Credit to your foreign suppliers in order to import finished goods inventory for sale to credit-worthy customers that have issued confirmed POs.
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Refund Financing – Many innovating companies have a successful track record of filing and receiving Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax refunds. Accord can finance the refund due upon filing of the claim.