"About 15 years ago we switched our business to another service provider. Our company was growing and we were enticed by a lower rate. Soon after leaving Accord, it was evident that the service level and the attention to detail wasn’t the same. In addition, we came to appreciate that Accord’s reporting was simple and easy to understand. After a relatively short absence, we went back to Accord and we’ve been there ever since. I might also add that we’ve been dealing with the same management people at Accord over our 30-year association – a testament to their consistency and professionalism.”
– Eric Grundy, Jaytex Group

"Without Accord’s help, my business would not have enjoyed the growth it did. The entire team is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other entrepreneurs.”

 – Steve Davies, Jancor Agencies Inc.

"We appreciate the partnership we have built with Accord for well over 15 years. It has allowed us to grow (and yes, sometimes contract) our business as needed. The staffing industry is often a volatile one as we are responsive to the fluctuations of the economy. Having a financial partner who gives us the flexibility we need to serve our clients has been extremely valuable.”

– Meredythe J. Holmes, Monarch Services

“We are very happy with the results... the financial support has made it possible to save many specialized jobs and provide a strong base for our growth.”

– Robert J. Belanger, Belt-Tech Canada Inc., Granby, QC

"I believe that few financial companies would have been as able as Accord to think outside the box and adapt to the changing circumstances of the electronics and telecommunications industry and provide the adequate package for our recovery and growth. Your particular attention to our needs and your creative ideas has ensured a smooth relationship."

– Alexander Wolloch, Raltron Electronics Corporation, Miami, FL