Seeking Financing for a U.S. Company?

You need to know that for more than 35 years, Accord has consistently provided fast, practical solutions for companies in transition. 

Our numerous financing products are geared to those companies operating in the lower end of the middle market in the United States.

We turn company assets – including receivables, inventory and equipment – into ready cash. And we do it quicker than anyone else.

What sets Accord apart from other Commercial Lenders?

Here are three key reasons why professional financial executives choose Accord:

  1. We're fast. We complete the financing process quicker, so that you can close your transaction sooner. From due diligence… to approval… to documentation, our focus is on closing transactions fast.
  2. We're accessible. We don't employ sales reps, so when you call Accord, you're talking directly to a decision maker who can provide the answers you need on the spot.
  3. We're reliable. Accord has been in business over 35 years. We are a publicly traded company with an impressive record of financial stability. (Please see Investor Center)

Accord is a senior secured working capital lender providing facilities up to $20 million across the U.S. to companies in a wide arena of industries. Our clients include manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, retailers including e-commerce, business service providers and financial service entities.

Whether the need is to finance an acquisition, liquidity for restructuring or to ramp up sales, we can help.


From coast to coast, we keep business liquid.

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President and CEO, Accord Financial Corp.
President, Accord Financial, Inc.
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Executive Vice President
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Senior Vice President,
Chief Credit Officer
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Senior Vice President
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Senior Vice President, Credit & Client Services
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