Leverage your assets and gain financial flexibility with loans up to $20,000,000

Receivables Management

No more awkward collection calls, credit losses or wasted resources. Accord’s 100% accounts receivable credit protection guarantee will eliminate your credit risk and keep your A/R cycle on track. More>

Small Business Owner?

With small business loans up to $75,000, AccordAccess provides you with quick capital so that you can take advantage of growth opportunities or manage challenging events. More>

The Equipment You Need

Whether you’re unlocking cash from equipment you already own or financing a growing fleet, Accord provides fast, flexible financing solutions to help your business grow. More>

Control Your Supply Chain

Supply chain finance with AccordOctet provides an interest-free line of credit, is as simple to use as a credit card and strengthens your purchasing power, so you can seize opportunity and maximize growth. More>

Retail Inventory Financing

Many lenders shy away from financing retailers, but Accord understands that your business is unique, and we want to help you grow and prosper with fast and flexible financing solutions. More>

Lender Financing

Maximize your lending power with credit facilities up to $20 million. As an experienced lender, Accord can help you expand your lending power with a loan tailored to your unique needs. More>

When a business is growing, you need to invest in inventory, equipment and people to generate and support the growth. This investment can be costly and requires adequate liquidity. Accord’s growth financing solutions can provide the liquidity you need and relieve your cash flow strain. Our asset-based financing facilities leverage your existing assets so you have the financial resources needed to sustain your growth. Learn More >
Acquiring a new business can be a tremendous opportunity to grow, enter new markets or gain market share. But buying a company can require a substantial amount of cash up front to finance the purchase, in addition to the working capital needed going forward. These requirements can strain your financial resources. With acquisition finance facilities from Accord, you can unlock the resources you need to make an acquisition and support its growth. Learn More >
The restructuring and turnaround process is both time critical and challenging. Focussing your time and resources on operations is key to the process, but having the right financing partner is just as important. If you don’t have the financial resources to survive, your best plans will not succeed. Accord has helped companies across a broad range of industries restructure and return to profitability. We have the resources and expertise to respond quickly and help your business get back on track. Learn More >

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