How to Finance a Seasonal Business

How to Finance a Seasonal Business


As a business owner or advisor, you know that it’s pretty common to experience ebbs and flows. Whether your company gains most of its profits during the summer months or whether your retail store with holiday gifts is more profitable in the winter, you have to prepare for the off-season. Seasonal businesses face some of the same challenges that large corporations do. However, how you plan for the peak seasons can make or break the success of your business. Learn how to simplify the process of financing a seasonal business by working with the experts at Accord Financial to determine viable options such as asset-based loans or flexible retail inventory financing.

What Are Seasonal Businesses?

While seasonal businesses are often perceived as retail stores or pop-ups that are only open certain months of the year, financially speaking, seasonal businesses can be defined in a much different manner. Simply put, a seasonal business refers to a timeframe where businesses generate the majority of their yearly profits during a short period, which is typically isolated within several months or a particular time of year.

Many factors affect seasonal businesses, such as:

  • Changes in Weather
  • Special City or Regional Events
  • Holidays
  • School Schedules
  • Road Construction
  • Vacation Seasons

Primarily, seasonal businesses can be similar to what many term ‘standard’ businesses. Every business has highs and lows when it comes to profits and sales; however, the rapid fluctuations differentiate between seasonal businesses and ‘standard’ businesses.

Examples of seasonal businesses include:

  • Vacation Rental Companies
  • Private or Public Swimming Pool Providers and Suppliers
  • Winter Clothing Retailers
  • Ice Cream Producers
  • Holiday Stores

Advice and Funding You Need

While ideally, your seasonal business would have funds stored away to maintain through the off-season, the reality is that challenges come along that affect your cash flow. That’s where Accord Financial comes in. We offer fast and flexible asset-based loans that can help you through the financial challenges your seasonal business may face.

Accord Financial is here to help you survive and thrive. Our team listens to you and understands your business to help determine solid financial plans for your seasonal business. From asset-based lending and retail inventory financing to equipment financing and accounts receivable financing, know that we have plenty of options to keep your mid-sized seasonal business running and making profits for years to come. When you explore the resources available from Accord Financial, you’ll soon find that our team of experts are invested in your financial future.

With more than 40 years of experience, know that the professionals at Accord Financial offer a solid resource to boost your functionality and profitability. We have helped firms navigate disruption and uncertainty by leading them out of the woods and back into productivity and profits.

Let us help you. Now is the time to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.

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