Options for Financing a Business

How to Get Financing Through Restructuring

Many thriving businesses were launched from one small idea that grew, flourished and established a significant position in the industry.

The reality is that financing a business is essential. You need to pay your staff, compile inventory, maintain equipment and much more. At times, these investments can be extremely expensive, causing challenges. However, you have options for financing a business with Accord Financial.

Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based lending provides you with the financing you may need when your business is seasonal, has run into obstacles or is facing depleting profits. During critical transitions, it may be necessary to seek out alternatives to bank financing and opt for asset-backed financing.

How does it work?

Accord Financial provides you with the financing you need for your business based on the value of your assets that may include your inventory, equipment or accounts receivables. In fact, Accord Financial also offers businesses accounts receivable financing and accounts receivable management to help you through difficult periods.

Many businesses look to asset-based lending when they experience rapid growth and need to restock inventory or personnel and during a restructuring, merger, acquisition or buyout.

Retail Inventory Financing

Many times, your business is only as strong as the products you sell. If you’re running low on product, your business suffers. That’s why retail inventory financing from Accord Financial can make all the difference. Don’t let your largest asset deplete, especially when many banking institutions are resistant to offer retail inventory financing for you.

Accord Financial retail inventory financing is ideal for business owners who are expanding, moving to another location, merging with another company or managing a restructuring. You need a speedy solution and our experts can provide that and much more.

Advice and Funding You Need

Accord Financial exists to offer financing strategies for businesses to prosper and grow. We offer fast and flexible loans that can help you through the financial challenges your business may face or even equipment financing when you are looking to further expand. Beyond offering flexibility, we also provide the advice you need to financially flourish. Accord Financial is here to help you navigate obstacles identified by your bank and pursue financial freedom for your company.

With more than 40 years of experience, the professionals at Accord Financial are a trusted resource to soothe your company’s financial woes. We help mid-sized firms navigate disruption and uncertainty by leading them out of the woods and back into productivity and profits. With generous advance rates and reasonable terms, you can expand and grow your business while maximizing your liquidity.

Let us help you. Now is the time to work with North America’s premier independent finance company and get the funds you need to do more than just keep your business afloat. It’s time to focus on financial success and increased profits.

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