Unlocking money to fund your business

Finding money to improve cashflow for your business

At any given stage of operations, your business needs funds to thrive. Shortage of funds can halt operations, impede growth and may even lead to business failure. Effective cashflow management ensures your business never runs out of funds to run operations and grow.

Many businesses are faced with challenges of little or no access to funding, thus forfeiting lucrative projects and missing out on growth opportunities. This does not have to be the case, as there are various options for unlocking money to fund your business. The strategies adopted to access funds depends on the particular situation of your business.

Are your funds locked up in huge balances of accounts receivable from customers who delay in making payments or in bad debts? Your business can adopt an effective approach of accounts receivable management by employing the services of experts who specialize in advancing cash, accelerating customer payments, processing collections and ensuring your business unlocks tied-up cash.

If your business is experiencing a crucial stage of growth and requires funds to meet growing customer demands and operations, getting easy access to funds through business loans provides a means to support the expansion process. Increasing inventory needs and other supply chain requirements as a direct result of business growth require funding, unlock growth potentials and opportunities through business loans. Business loans also help your business access funding for huge capital expenditures and equipment purchases that aid business growth.

Changing business environments, unexpected losses and events may trigger a need for extra business funding. Your business may have access to funding and unlock money through the value of its inventory, property, plants or equipment. This process of asset-based financing provides an alternative solution to cash flow needs. Your valuable assets can be used as collateral to obtain business funding.

Other cashflow pressures arising from the need to settle vendor payments and other payables when they fall due can be tackled by unlocking funds through supply chain finance. Your business can leverage on external funding to pay off suppliers and vendors. Quick access to funds through supply chain finance provides better negotiating terms with your suppliers and enables your business take advantage of discounts, thus freeing up more cash.

Partner with Accord Financial to unlock funding for your business

At Accord Financial, we specialize in working with your business to determine the best strategies for unlocking business funds. We assess your specific needs and business situation and advise on the best solutions.

Accord provides solutions for growth financing through small business loans, we support your business through growth and expansion stages. We also advance payments and help free up cash locked up in aging receivables through accounts receivable financing and factoring.

We provide an alternative source of funding by leveraging the value of your assets: inventory, and equipment thus providing a solution to your business cash needs. Through equipment financing, supply chain financing and  asset-based financing, the Accord team makes your business our business. We prioritize your business needs and employ our vast experience coupled with industry expertise and advanced technology to proffer effective funding solutions.

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