Matthew Panosian

Senior Vice President
Chief Credit Officer

Accord Financial, Inc.

Matthew Panosian, Senior VP and Chief Credit Officer, Accord Financial, Inc., Greenville

Matthew became fascinated with factoring while still in college and immediately started his own small business upon graduation, in 1992. He brought his entrepreneurial skills and valuable invoice factoring insights to Accord in 1994, where he further honed his craft by mastering nearly every facet of operations, from Collection Officer to Client Service Manager. From 1999 to 2002, Matthew switched gears, becoming the Director of Operations for a niche manufacturing company, where he gained valuable insight into the textile industry and the many challenges and opportunities manufacturing companies face. In 2002, Matthew returned to Accord, now holding a key leadership role as SVP and Chief Credit Officer. Matthew holds a BA in marketing management from Bob Jones University.

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