Recently on BNN’s influential program, Market Call, Fabrice Taylor, a highly respected journalist for the Globe and Mail and Publisher of the President’s Investment Club newsletter, referred to our management as “The best in the business”.

We do our best, but needless to say we were extremely flattered to receive this level of praise from such a respected source. Whenever this happens to any business it’s always a good thing, especially for those businesses in highly competitive marketplaces such as ours, where everyone appears to offer the same thing–or at least say they do.

Our solid dependability, flexibility and level of commitment are qualities we have always been proud of. And they’re a direct reflection of our management style, which can best be described as simple, straightforward, transparent and lean.

That means decisions can be made quickly and be made smartly. And that‘s important because the decisions we make every day have an impact on our clients’ businesses today, their future business and the reputations of our referral sources. Through smart, wellinformed and experienced management decisions and highly experienced staff, we are able to keep confidence levels high on all fronts and the wheels of our business, and of those we help, turning smoothly. That‘s simply a job well done.

There is no secret formula for doing business in this fashion. In fact it’s always a matter of simple principles, coupled with a deep understanding that, at the end of the day, the best way to help our company succeed and excel is to do a totally professional job of helping other companies remain liquid and manage their cash flow effectively. Anything more complex than that will only slow the process and often times adversely affect the end result.

At Accord Financial, adversely affected end results are never an option. We expect only the best outcomes.

And so should you.

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