Jason Rosenfeld Promoted to President of Accord Financial Inc.

Jason Rosenfeld

Please join me in celebrating AFIC’s thirtieth year in business, with the special announcement that Jason Rosenfeld has been named President of that division, while Montcap founder Fred Moss has assumed the title of AFIC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Included in Jason’s expanded responsibilities will be the critical task of directing and leading the division’s approach to the Canadian asset based lending market, encompassing all aspects of product management, market positioning and sales. Jason brings to his new position a wealth of remarkable experience in this market including ten years as AFIC’s EVP, focusing primarily on operations, account management and client relations, with special attention to risk management.

Jason is well prepared to take on added challenges, owing largely to the outstanding team assembled over many years in Montreal. The entire AFIC team is first class and fully prepared to assume greater responsibility for delivering on our commitments to clients and maintaining the quality of the company’s assets.

Founder and CEO Fred Moss will continue to successfully oversee underwriting, accounting and other fundamental aspects of the business. The team of Moss and Rosenfeld have built an enviable presence in the Canadian market, and continue to make an important contribution to the overall success of Accord. As we invest in the next phase of growth, I am confident this new executive alignment will raise the bar. Please join me in congratulating Jason, Fred and the entire AFIC team.

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Accord Financial Corp. is a leading North American finance company providing distinctive working capital solutions to companies from coast-to-coast. Accord’s flexible finance programs cover the full spectrum of asset-based lending, including: factoring, inventory finance, equipment finance, trade finance and film/media finance. For 40 years, Accord has helped businesses manage their cash flows and maximize financial opportunities.

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