Chlorophylle $2M Retail Inventory Financing



We are proud to provide a $2M inventory loan facility to Chlorophylle, a Chicoutimi-based retailer of innovative, high quality sportswear and activewear for men and women.


Founded in 1980 in Chicoutimi, the company began designing and producing high performance men’s and women’s clothing and equipment for outdoor activities. In 2005, Chlorophylle opened its first retail location, and over the course of the next ten years, would open many more. Today, Chlorophylle operates 15 stores in the province of Quebec, carrying Chlorophylle-branded merchandise which has been designed by the company locally and carefully manufactured in keeping with the brand’s mission.


The retail sector continues to be very competitive, with Canadian retailers facing fierce competition from domestic and international players who are selling their products online as well as in traditional brick and mortar. In order to remain competitive, Chlorophylle needed to realign its business model. Supported by an asset-based lending facility from Accord, Chlorophylle was able to make the necessary changes to its business and refocus its operation.


Our facility enables Chlorophylle to manage the seasonal requirements of its business and provides the necessary flexibility to manage its supply chain. Over 38 years, Chlorophylle has built a reputation as a high-quality brand, and with our support, the company is well positioned to pursue its mission for many years to come.


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