Femme de Carrière Inc.- $1,000,000 RETAIL INVENTORY FINANCING

Femme de Carrière Inc.


We are pleased to announce that we granted an inventory facility to Femme de Carrière Inc., a Quebec-based retailer and wholesaler which sells quality apparel targeted to career women.


Founded 35 years ago in Montreal, the business currently operates exclusive stores under the Femme de Carrière banner throughout Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. The clothes are all designed in-house by international award-winning fashion designer, Sandra Angelozzi. Most of the pieces are currently made in Canada with fabrics coming from both Asia and Europe. www.femmedecarriere.com


The Canadian fashion retail sector continues to be very competitive, as increasing acceptance of online shopping is affecting brick-and-mortar stores. Despite this uncertainty in the marketplace, some fashion retailers, like Femme de Carrière, are in growth mode, while others are simply stagnating or are being forced to close shop. It comes as no surprise that banks and other lenders are less inclined to provide financing backed by retail inventory in these circumstances. Femme de Carrière decided that asset-based lending would be the best solution to carry forth its operations.


We stepped in with a creative and flexible financing arrangement. Our understanding of the dynamics of the retail marketplace helped us grant an inventory facility to Femme de Carrière, providing working capital. This facility will allow Femme de Carrière to continue to offer modern, wearable, durable and feminine clothing for Canadian women for years to come.


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