Fast, Flexible Equipment Financing – Your Key to Unlock Growth Potential

We finance equipment across a broad range of North America’s most dynamic industries – from forestry and energy to hospitality and manufacturing.

Equipment financing is a flexible solution to help your business grow.

Opportunity knocks

As an entrepreneur or Chief Financial Officer, you know that equipment isn’t just equipment, it means opportunity. If you need equipment, congratulations:

  • You won a new contract or customer relationship
  • You developed a new market for your products or services
  • Your competitive edge has led to strong organic growth
  • It’s a new season and you have work to do

As a private equity sponsor, flexible equipment financing can be the key to funding an acquisition, or the foundation for growth of your portfolio companies and ultimate investment performance. Savvy PE executives rely on Accord for speed, flexibility and certainty.

For nearly twenty years, Accord's equipment financing program have provided lease and loan financing to private equity portfolio companies and entrepreneurs directly, helping them start, strengthen and grow businesses. We have deep experience financing equipment across a broad range of industries, from retail and hospitality to transportation and manufacturing. Clients trust our financing programs for:

  • Heavy equipment financing
  • Construction equipment financing
  • Commercial equipment financing
  • Industrial equipment financing
  • Medical equipment financing
  • Agricultural equipment financing

If you need equipment financing to unlock an opportunity for revenue and growth, call Accord. When opportunity knocks, Accord is your answer.

Build your business with Accord

With Accord, you deal directly with decision-makers. We are your partner for growth. Private equity firms often look to Accord to support multiple companies within their portfolios. And entrepreneurs grow with us, taking advantage of Accord’s broad range of financing solutions as their company evolves.

Our equipment financing solutions focus on businesses that are overlooked or under-served by the large financial institutions. If you have bank financing in place, Accord can supplement with additional funding for situations or equipment where the bank won’t approve. Or your credit profile may be near-prime, making bank financing unavailable. This is where we excel, where we can leverage our passion and experience to fully understand your opportunity and find a creative equipment financing solution to help your business grow.                

And we never "sell" or "syndicate" our equipment finance contracts to third-parties, which gives you two distinct advantages:

  1. Together we can structure flexible equipment financing that works for you, which may not fall within the rigid boundaries of most other leasing companies
  2. If your circumstances change, you know exactly who to call for responsive, decisive action – we are your partner for the life of the lease, and hopefully beyond

Buy the right equipment to get the job done

Equipment financing through leasing is a cost-effective and tax-efficient way for businesses to acquire assets they need to grow. And you’re free to find the optimal equipment for your needs, whether new or used, whatever fits your budget and operations. We can accommodate almost all asset types including older or nonconventional equipment.

Best of all, equipment financing locks in your monthly cost and stretches payments out to match up with your revenues. And it keeps your cash and credit lines available for other uses, such as staffing, marketing and paying suppliers.

Unlock cash from equipment you already own

If your business already owns equipment and you need to generate cash for expansion, operations or other purposes, you can use your existing assets as collateral for a new lease or equipment financing loan. This is a great way to unlock fresh working capital, boosting your ability to grow.

Do you need flexible payment terms?

Then choose Accord. If your business operates in a seasonal industry like tourism or forestry, we can structure an equipment finance program with payments that vary around your busy and slow times of the year.

Make leasing your advantage

An equipment finance loan or lease offers compelling advantages over other forms of financing:

  • Leave your bank and other credit lines open for other uses:
    • Leasing does not affect your long-term or working capital debt
  • Pay for your equipment as you earn money with it:
    • Choose a term that makes monthly payments match up with your revenue and fit your budget
  • Your lease payments are inflation-proof:
    • Your monthly equipment financing payments are fixed and never change
  • Save corporate taxes:
    • Your lease payments may be fully tax deductible
  • Leasing may defer sales taxes:
    • Sales taxes are typically not paid up front when you buy the equipment, but spread out over the term the lease
  • You can avoid obsolete equipment:
    • Trade up or upgrade your equipment at any time

Industries served: broad and varied

Whatever industry you’re in, we can finance your equipment:

Every industry has unique equipment financing needs – if you need it, we can finance it.

You’ll find us at leading equipment vendors

Accord also offers equipment financing directly through leading equipment vendors (only in Canada). Our flexible approach allows dealers to broaden the base of customers who qualify for equipment financing. Flexibility is the key to your success and ours, which is why we offer multiple options, including terms up to 60 months, for customers to choose from. And our commitment to quick equipment finance approvals ensures that the sales process delivers results, deals close, and customers are happy.

Entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs

We approach our business with the same entrepreneurial spirit that you bring to yours. We built our leasing business from the ground up, so we understand what it takes to succeed. Your equipment financing needs represent a business opportunity; we’ll take the time to understand it and deliver the equipment financing to seize it.  Whether you are a private equity sponsor, an owner/operator, an emerging growth company or a larger enterprise, we are in your corner.

Grow with us

At Accord, you deal with real people, so our relationship counts – a lot. As our relationship develops, so does your credit history and profile with us, which means that when your needs evolve, we will be there to help. As you grow, you can take advantage of: 

Put the financial strength, experience and independent thinking of Accord to work for you.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.

Equipment Financing FAQ

Equipment finance is a type of business loan that enables you to leverage the value of your equipment through equipment loans or leases. The additional working capital provided through equipment financing can be used to bolster your working capital and invest in the growth of your business.

Equipment financing provides lease and loan financing to support the acquisition of new equipment or the refinancing of existing equipment. By maximizing the leverage on your machinery, equipment and rolling stock, you can free up capital to investment in your business.

Equipment financing due diligence moves at the speed of your business; so you can quickly structure and fund your equipment financing needs. Equipment financing can often be approved in as little as a week. See how we quickly approved an equipment finance facility for this transportation & logistics company.

Equipment financing via a loan provides you with financing against equipment that is owned by your company. Whereas, an equipment lease may allow you to finance the equipment as an off-balance sheet transaction, typically with monthly payments and an option to acquire the equipment at the end of the lease. There may also be different tax implications for leasing vs. equipment financing structured as a loan.

Equipment finance loans and leases offer you several benefits, including: increased liquidity, growth capital and even the potential for corporate tax savings.

Qualification for equipment financing is as simple as having sufficient collateral to adequately service the debt. A bad credit score does not necessarily mean you won’t get approved for financing.

Yes! Get financing for your business, whether old or new. Call us to discuss how you can benefit from equipment financing: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

Yes, Accord provides financing for heavy equipment.

Yes, businesses like yours can get equipment financing for a variety of industries, including: forestry, manufacturing, and transportation among others.

How to choose the best equipment financing companies? Whether you’re a private equity firm looking to support companies in your portfolio or an entrepreneur seeking growth opportunities, finding a company who can provide flexible equipment financing options is crucial. You understand what it takes to build your business and succeed—so do we! Get fast and flexible equipment financing solutions. Call us now: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

Do you have a question or ready to take the next step?

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Client Testimonial

“For nearly ten years B-Town Group has sourced and delivered quality natural stone to customers on both sides of the Great Lakes. Accord began financing our equipment in 2010, but it’s the broad range of financing options that have made Accord my go-to company for all our financing needs. We added an AccordOctet supply-chain facility last year as we expanded our sourcing to a fourth quarry. And we recently took advantage of AccordAccess for short-term working capital, which helped us finance a large, profitable order from the provincial government. With Accord Financial as our partner, our sales have tripled in the last three years.”

Bill Sisson
B-Town Group

Natural stone production
Fenelon Falls, ON
Client since 2010