AccordAccess – Your Access to Capital Has Never Been Easier

Take advantage of new opportunities or manage through challenging times with an AccordAccess small business loan – fast, flexible finance.

Small business loans are fast and flexible to finance growth or manage challenges.

AccordAccess: your bridge to success

Even with years of experience and careful planning, sometimes opportunity arrives without notice. Or your business hits a bump in the road. These temporary events can be handled effectively with fast, flexible finance.

An AccordAccess small business loan provides up to $75,000, repaid in 18 months or sooner with simple, fixed weekly payments. When you need quick capital to take advantage of growth opportunities or manage through challenging events, AccordAccess is your bridge to success:

  • Would you gain from extra inventory for a peak period or seasonal cycle?
  • Do you need to bridge the gap between paying suppliers and collecting from customers?
  • Is there an opportunity to take on an unusually large project or order?
  • Do you need to pay for equipment repairs?
  • Would your business benefit from new fixtures or small equipment?
  • Do you need to bridge through an unexpected slowdown or an unplanned one-time expense?
  • Would a small business loan improve your overall working capital position?

If fresh capital would help you seize opportunities and drive growth, or manage an unexpected challenge, an AccordAccess small business loan may be right for you.

How does it work?

An AccordAccess small business loan is directed straight to your bank account, usually within 24 hours of application. And the structure is simple:

Collateral:                     none, unsecured

Maximum loan:             it's your choice, from $5,000 to $75,000 subject to our credit evaluation

Term:                           flexible terms between 3 and 18 months

Repayment:                 simple fixed weekly repayments of principal & interest by account debit

Prepayment:                anytime, subject to three months interest

Re-advance:                you can apply for a new small business loan once 50% of original term is completed (original loan is then repaid and the balance re-advanced as a new loan)

Quick capital ready when you need it 

When you need fast access to capital, Accord is ready to work. You’ll find our service and speed are best in the industry. Once you submit all of your application information, you can expect a credit decision within 8 business hours.

Once you’re approved, we'll send you your loan documentation right away. The entire process moves quickly, and in many cases your small business loan is funded the next business day – direct to your bank account.

Simple solution

AccordAccess simplifies the entire process, accepting your application in real time through, and funding your small business loan on approval within 24 hours.

Unlike with others in our industry, your credit application is handled by real people, we don’t let a computer algorithm make decisions as important as these. If you have any questions along the way, we’re here to take your call.

Flexible options to repay early or re-advance for additional funding

If you wish to repay your loan early – no problem, you can repay at any time with a modest charge equal to three months of interest.

If you wish to continue to maximize your small business loan, you can apply to re-advance up to your previous credit limit (or apply to increase your limit) once 50% of your original loan term is completed. Your new loan will pay out your old one, with the balance re-advanced as a new AccordAccess loan.

Priced like a corporate credit card

We aim to be the most transparent small business lender in Canada - there are no fees other than the lender fee and interest rate clearly outlined in the loan agreement. The cost of your AccordAccess small business loan is comparable to a corporate credit card. 

And unlike your bank and other lenders, we won't ask for your home, car, equipment or your credit card receipts as collateral – your good character is enough. Our small business loan pricing takes this, and the very short term, into account.

Does your business qualify for a small business loan?

Start with these six simple questions:

  • Is your business located in Canada?
  • Have you been in business more than two years?
  • Is your business stable and/or growing?
  • Are your annual sales at least $100,000?
  • Are there regular deposits into your business bank account?
  • Do you have an average or better credit profile?

If your business is stable or growing, and you can comfortably manage short-term small business loan payments, an Accord small business loan may be right for you.

Entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs

When you apply for an AccordAccess small business loan, you are working with Accord's dedicated small business finance division. We approach our business with the same commitment and entrepreneurial spirit that you bring to yours.

As an entrepreneur, you know that access to capital is the key to growth, but securing a small business loan has become increasingly challenging. With AccordAccess you deal direct with our credit team to review your application and give it careful consideration. While other lenders increasingly rely on technology to make credit decisions, we rely mostly on irreplaceable knowledge and experience. Our process gives us the flexibility to consider situations that numbers alone cannot fully explain.

Our business is your business

Our clients represent a cross-section of Canada's most dynamic industries from coast to coast, including:

Whatever business you’re in, an Accord small business loan can work for you.

Grow with us

Accord has a unique ability to grow with you. An Accord small business loan is your entry point to our broad suite of solutions:

From credit facilities of $5,000 all the way up to $20 million, Accord can help you grow to new levels of success.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.

Do you have a question or ready to take the next step?

Client Testimonial

"Without Accord’s help, my business would not have enjoyed the growth it did. The entire team is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other entrepreneurs.”

Steve Davies
Jancor Agencies Inc.

Distributor of golf products and accessories
Pointe-Claire, QC
Client since 2007