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Creative financing solutions help you grow your food & beverage business by increasing liquidity through flexible credit facilities. Benefit from asset-based lending programs to support new contracts, address customer demand quickly, and finance manufacturing equipment.

Food and Beverage (F&B) companies get the sweet taste of success with flexible financing from Accord

Use Your Food & Beverage Assets as Collateral for an Asset-Based Credit Facility.

As a company in the food and beverage industry, you face unique challenges every day.  The combination of powerful food retailers, rapidly-changing consumer tastes and increasingly stringent food safety regulations puts pressure on companies operating in the food and beverage sector.   Margins are often slim and competition for the consumer dollar is fierce, making it crucial that you are able to offer innovative products and packaging to your customers.

Thanks to social media and the internet, trends move through the food and beverage supply chain at dizzying speeds.  Packaging innovation, demographic changes and health concerns are just a few of the issues that impact the food and beverage industry. Smaller companies may have less access to the financing needed to invest in product development, manufacturing processes or inventory management technology. 

As a small or medium-sized company wanting to break into a large retailer or distributor, the increase in sales may be difficult to finance: getting a purchase order, delivering on time and then being able to replenish inventory as needed, can present you with a whole new set of challenges.

The benefits of Asset-Based Lending to Food & Beverage Companies

Asset-based lending is an ideal way for you to finance your growing food and beverage business.  The amount of funding is based on the value of your assets - accounts receivable, inventory and equipment - not on your balance sheet, so you can approach potential customers knowing you will have sufficient financing and not be held back by restrictive ratios or covenants. 

As an asset-based lender, we respond quickly since our clients are usually in a period of transition and timing is critical when an opportunity arises and you want to capitalize on it. The inherent flexibility of an asset-based credit facility for Food & Beverage Financing can be the difference between growth and stagnation.  As well, asset-based lending is ideal for food and beverage companies who have seasonal sales cycles with inventory build-up at certain times of the year. 

Using your accounts receivable and inventory as collateral for a revolving asset-based loan unlocks the value in these assets and converts it into the working capital you need.  Whether you are a manufacturer buying raw material, an importer or distributor within the food and beverage sector, the flexibility of asset-based loan facilities can be better suited to your needs than a conventional line of credit. With no covenants, seasonal dips and peaks are not an issue since only the value of the assets determines your available funding. 

Expertise in financing the Food & Beverage Sector  

Accord has been servicing food & beverage companies across North America for nearly 40 years and we have a team of seasoned professionals who will help structure the right financing package for you.  Not only that, we are also entrepreneurs so we work closely with you when unexpected issues arise.  We are very quick to respond to your request and once you are a client of Accord, you will experience accessibility to decision-makers that is second to none.

Some of the types of food & beverage companies we have helped to grow include suppliers of:

  • Bottled waters
  • Frozen baked goods
  • Ice cream
  • Fresh fruit
  • Poultry
  • Meats
  • Bagged vegetables

What if my circumstances are more complex?

Besides the everyday need for working capital there are many circumstances a company can face which make asset-based loans an even better alternative to conventional bank lines.  If your situation involves growth and expansion - organic or through acquisition - the absence of covenants and debt to equity conditions – is where the benefits of asset-based lending really stand out.   You can use your available credit to grow by increasing your on-line presence or investing in digital marketing.  On the flip side, closures and downsizing have affected the food & beverage industry to a large degree over the past several years.  So if you are undergoing a turnaround or need debtor-in-possession financing, we can help there too.  

What are the criteria to qualify for an Asset-Based Loan and how do I start the process?

If you need between $1 and $20 million and have quality accounts receivable and other marginable assets, you fit within our initial criteria.  Just because you are in the food and beverage industry does not exclude your inventory from being eligible for financing. As a manufacturer, you may also have equipment which is unencumbered against which we can lend, adding liquidity into your operations.   If you are a distributor or importer, you may have finished product on the shelf which can be appraised for inclusion on a borrowing base.  Perhaps you are a supplier to the food and beverage industry with manufacturing equipment or packaging supplier… we have experience with these as well. 

We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of your food & beverage business—this ensures that our comprehensive financing solutions are blended for you and your industry.

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If you’re looking for food and beverage manufacturing financing, your company can benefit greatly from innovative funding solutions like:

These financing solutions are typically secured loans that provide your food and beverage business access to fast and flexible working capital.

Financing solutions can be provided for a variety of businesses in the food and beverage industry, including:

  • flour & corn milling
  • soybean and other oilseed processing
  • poultry & meats
  • frozen foods
  • fresh fruit and produce
  • prepared foods
  • canned/bottled beverages

A coffee and tea manufacturer recently purchased a production facility to fuel its ongoing growth.

The company experienced an unforeseen shortfall in sale volume. This coupled with the increased expenses associated with the build out of the new facility caused the manufacturing company to experience some minor liquidly constraints.

This particular client had turned to us in the past and had obtained a revolving inventory facility for our valuable client. The solution helped ease liquidly constraints and provide the company with additional flexibility.

If you or your food service company has a bad credit score, don’t worry; it does not necessarily mean you won’t get approved.

The main qualification to acquire financing in the food and beverage industry is having sufficient collateral to adequately service the amount of debt desired.

Yes! Accord offers a variety of financing solutions to food and beverage companies in the US and Canada.

Give us a call to see how your business can benefit from our food service financing solutions: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) /+1-844-725-4225 (US).

Accord often provides buyers within the food and beverage industry with asset-based loan facilities to support the acquisition of a business. These facilities can be provided to buyers, be they private equity or strategic buyers, and can leverage the assets of the targeted food processing business to support the purchase price and provide working capital to the newly acquired business.

Take advantage of food and beverage financing solutions for your acquisition.

Whether you are producing wine in the Eastern Townships (Quebec), on the Niagara Peninsula (Ontario) or in the Napa Valley (California), crafting beer in Austin (Texas) or distilling spirits anywhere across the US or Canada, Accord offers a variety of financial solutions for your brewery, winery or distillery.

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Client Testimonial

“Javo Beverage Company is a long-term client of Accord Financial and in the last 18 months we have experienced significant new business growth.  In a true partnership fashion, they have been at our side throughout, responding quickly and creatively to assist us in funding the needs of our growing business.  Everyone at Accord is professional, true to their word, and very importantly you can tell they care about our business and its success.  They are great people to work with.”

Gerry Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
Javo Beverage Company

Coffee and Tea Manufacturer
Vista, CA
Client since 2015