Import and Export Financing Solutions

Effective export and import financing strategies can help your business face its financial challenges and risks—and let you focus on your core business: buying or selling abroad

Accord offers import and export financing methods to help your international business succeed.

For almost 40 years, Accord has helped import and export businesses, like yours, succeed by providing a variety of import and export financing options, specifically tailored to help your business grow. From foreign exchange forward contracts to export credit insurance and financing solutions for importers that range from purchase order financing to receivables factoring, we have the right products and strategies to help you grow by mitigating import and export financing risks.

Successfully reaching into foreign markets hinges on your ability to navigate the various import and export financing risks, be it foreign exchange fluctuations, concern over credit risk or financial strain due to banking constraints.

We understand your import-export financing needs and we are here to help you succeed.

Import Financing Solutions for Your Business

As an importer, timing is key and it is essential that you have the necessary financing to navigate the process, from paying for goods, shipping to customers and collecting on your invoices. Successful, on-time delivery of your product and profitability depend on these factors and financing your flow of goods should be the last of your worries. With Accord’s import financing, you can focus on growing your business.

Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections for Import Financing

Your import financing is crucial, because with purchase orders on hand, but lack of capital to pay for product, your growing import company can find itself stalled by suppliers who demand up-front payment or Letters of Credit, which is the most common of all import financing methods.

Typically, opening a Letter of Credit with a bank requires that your company qualify for a conventional line of credit, or that you secure the Letter of Credit with cash. Many growing import companies, who find themselves in need of Purchase Order Financing, do not meet the prerequisites of bank lines or do not want to tie up their cash flow, in order to secure a Letter of Credit.

Accord’s import financing offers Purchase Order Financing for growing companies whereby Accord opens Letters of Credit on your behalf, with minimal reserves, allowing you to turn your cash into sales.

Furthermore, once those goods are paid for, Accord will carry the loan, using your inventory as security, until you turn it into receivables, keeping you continuously covered. 

Unlock value with supply chain finance

Importers with existing bank facilities can boost their purchasing power with supply chain financing from Accord. The AccordOctet supply chain financeprogram gives you a revolving unsecured line of credit, boosting your buying power without affecting existing financing facilities. Use AccordOctet to:

  • Pay your suppliers fast
  • Negotiate discounts for quick payment
  • Handle peak seasonal periods
  • Take up to 120 days to repay Accord

AccordOctet effectively unlocks capital tied up in your supply chain. Use our money to pay your suppliers and pay us back as you collect from your customers.

Export Financing Solutions for Your Business 

Export businesses face similar issues, requiring export financing but with the added challenge of securing payment from foreign customers. When faced with questions concerning credit insurance and wondering which coverage is right for your export business, it helps to have experience in your corner.

Credit Insurance Supports Export Financing

Through our years of experience, Accord has worked with export companies shipping around the globe, assisting in the management of their credit insurance. Our experienced staff and professional partners have the expertise to walk you through the ins and outs of insurance policies and can work to get you the most secure and relevant export coverage.

Import and Export Financing Solutions

Protecting Against Foreign Exchange Risk in Import and Export Financing

How do you protect yourself in a market where foreign exchange fluctuations can mean the difference between profit and loss? Sudden jumps or dips in foreign exchange can result in significant swings in your gross margin and, while some swings can be profitable, others can be devastating.

With Accord’s ability to secure foreign exchange forward contracts on your behalf, you can avoid playing the foreign exchange game and focus your attention on growth, secure in the knowledge that your bottom line is protected.

Receivable Financing and Factoring as Import and Export Financing Solutions for your business

With your supplier now paid and your product successfully delivered to your customer having a continuous flow of cash is important for you to begin the cycle again. Your import or export business is a moving force and it is cash that drives it.

Accord turns receivables into cash, by financing your accounts receivable, allowing you, as an importer or exporter, to have the funds needed to make payroll, pay payables and set up any deposits required by suppliers in order to fulfill new orders.

In a fast-paced business, not having to wait to get paid can give you an edge and help you to attain your growth objectives. Accord’s import and export financing solutions do just that.

Accounts receivable management – take the risk out of your receivables

With flexible financing in hand, your next challenge is the risk hidden in your customer list. As an importer or exporter, if your customer can’t pay you, who will? When you guarantee your accounts receivable management through Accord, we will.

Accord has been managing accounts receivable for importers and exporters for nearly forty years. We know how to make sure your invoices get paid on time. And when we set credit guarantees for your customers, you get risk-free credit protection, guaranteed.

Is Accord the right fit for my import or export business?

If you have sales of over $2 million per year and you import, export or both, we have the right solutions for you. Accord has provided import and export financing for companies such as yours, in a variety of industries, including:

We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of your import and export business—this ensures that our comprehensive financing solutions are packaged specifically for you and your industry.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.

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Client Testimonial

“Accord Financial was the sole lender of Runners Clothing International for 13 years. Our company is a ladies and girls fashion importer with offices in China. Accord’s senior management team and support staff have extensive knowledge and experience in a multitude of industries which made them an exceptional financial partner. Their broad base of knowledge and expertise enabled Accord to easily adapt to the specialized funding our growth required, which included providing us with asset based lending and credit services. Accord was a trusted partner and essential resource critical to our success and always worked with us in a positive and constructive way. We’ve always had a great relationship with them and especially with Fred Moss from whom I learned many valuable things.”

Ron Kaminski
Runners Clothing International

Apparel Importer and Wholesaler
Montreal, QC
Client from 2003 to 2016