Alternative, Startup and Fintech Lender Finance Methods and Programs

Accord’s Fintech Lender Finance program can help you, as a lender, grow your loan portfolio and focus on what you do best: lending to your customers.

Accord provides alternative lenders flexible financing solutions to help them succeed.

Accord has been providing asset-based Fintech lender finance facilities to alternative lenders for over 20 years. Our Fintech lender finance facilities provide the flexibility that Fintech and alternative lenders require to respond quickly to the real-time nature of your business.

We have seen significant changes to the alternative lending space within Canada and the United States as new Fintech lenders have entered the marketplace creating new niches within the alternative lending field. This is providing more options for consumers and small businesses seeking loans and has increased competition in the marketplace.

Growth Challenges you face as a Fintech Lender

The companies that successfully compete in the Fintech lending market will be those that execute best in key areas of the business. Some of those key areas that require your focus include: controlling customer acquisition costs, managing bad debts and efficient access to capital at a reasonable cost.

Maximizing your Return on Marketing Investments

As more Fintech lenders enter the alternative lending market, costs associated with AdWords, Facebook and other online marketing are escalating along with referral fees paid to lead generators and brokers. You can always increase your spending in these areas to keep deal flow high; however, this is not necessarily a sustainable approach. The lender finance companies that will be successful in the long term will be those that find creative ways to attract customers without dramatically increasing their customer acquisition costs. Avenues that you may consider pursuing to accomplish this can include, partnerships with established brick and mortar industry participants or other Fintech companies, targeting specific niche markets where your marketing costs are lower, building platforms that develop longer term relationships with your customers by offering a value proposition beyond just your loan, and ensuring that you close the highest possible percentage of the good leads that you generate.

Credit Quality is Critical

One sure way for a Fintech lender to increase their portfolio is to make more loans by lowering credit criteria. This may produce short term gains, but is certain to result in long-term pain. Managing credit risk and bad debt expense is critical for any lender, but imperative when you are a Fintech lender trying to grow your portfolio, particularly with borrowers who have a higher risk profile. The optimal level of credit risk for your business may vary depending on what type of Fintech lender you are, but will take into consideration factors such as your average yield, customer acquisition costs, loan duration, available security and recovery costs. There is probably no metric more important for your business than the measurement of credit risk and the resulting bad debts, so it is critical that alternative and Fintech lenders measure and track this accurately.

Fintech Lender Finance – the key to continued growth

Regarding access to and cost of capital, this is where Accord can make a difference. We have been providing lender finance, by way of senior secured facilities, to alternative lenders for decades. Accord first entered the lending to lenders market by providing factoring companies with credit lines. Today, we offer alternative lending companies and Fintech lenders of all sorts, serving consumer and commercial markets, an opportunity to grow their business by leveraging their loan portfolios via our Fintech lender finance programs.

We understand that as a Fintech lender you have multiple options to draw upon to meet your funding needs. However, we believe that a revolving senior loan facility is a critical component of the Fintech lender finance equation.

Beyond the numbers – Choosing the right lender financing company

When you choose a Fintech lender finance company to work with and assess your cost of capital, it is important to look beyond the interest calculation. There are other aspects to a lender finance relationship to consider, many of which can have costs and implications that are as important to you as the interest rate. Choosing a lender who is not the right fit for your business can have substantial costs in the long run. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself the following questions about the lender finance companies that you are considering:

  • Does the lender have experience with Fintech lender finance? Do they truly understand your business? Will they be comfortable growing with you and dealing with the inevitable speed bumps along the way?
  • Is the lender committed to alternative lending and working with a Fintech lender or is there a risk that they may exit the Fintech lender finance space in a few years’ time?
  • Does the lender have a secure and committed source of funding?
  • Does the interest rate quoted reflect the entire cost of capital or are there other expenses such as standby fees or warrants that will increase the cost?

Put our Lender Finance experience to work for you

Accord’s experience lending to alternative and Fintech lenders means we truly understand the lending business and your need for growth, as well as the ups and downs experienced by lenders. We provide a secure and committed source of funding and work with you to ensure your success in the long run. Lending companies that we are able to finance include:

Commercial Finance:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Factoring
  • Small business loans

Consumer Finance:

  • Used car financing and leasing
  • Auto repair financing
  • Short term unsecured personal loan
  • Personal debt consolidation loans
  • Installment payment

Loan Facilities for your unique Lender needs

With our experience providing Fintech lender finance to a broad range of alternative lending companies, together with our straightforward approach, we can provide a loan facility uniquely tailored to the needs of your business. With a Fintech lender finance facility in place from Accord, you can put your funding concerns behind you and focus on the profitable growth of your business.

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Client Testimonial

“On behalf of Autobank Acceptance Corp., I would like to thank everyone at Accord of the opportunity and business relation. We expressly appreciate your ability to see the strengths in our business and putting your confidence and trust in our company. We look forward to a long lasting great relationship.”

Mario Habaue General Manager & Chief Executive Officer Autobank Acceptance Corp.

Sub-prime Consumer Finance Company Ft. Lauderdale, FL Client since 2016