Wholesale Financing for Your Business

Wholesale financing solutions are there to allow your company to build up its inventory to ensure for daily turnover, to address demand spikes and to reap benefits as business opportunities occur. So don't let your wholesale business be capped by lack of liquidity or credit!

Wholesale financing from Accord comes in many forms to suit your unique needs.

Wholesale Financing Solutions

When a wholesale business cannot get the financing or adequate coverage it needs from a traditional bank, growth can get stalled, ultimately hurting the business. Perhaps you have seasonal fluctuations and strict caps on your line of credit preventing you from carrying enough inventory to fulfil your customer orders.   Longer customer payment terms tie up cash flow hindering the company’s ability to pay suppliers for new product in order to fulfil new or larger orders. Whatever the case, your wholesale business needs capital and a continuous flow of funds in order for the company to move grow.

This is where Accord can step in with a variety of financing options that can get you where you need to be.  Whether goods are imported or manufactured, sold domestically or internationally, we can help. 

Asset-Based Lending as a Wholesale Financing Solution

We understand that there is more to a business' true value than simply figures on a balance sheet. While banks traditionally focus only on the equity or past financial performance to determine loan eligibility, we'll work with you to determine your financing options as a wholesaler based on the realizable value of all of your assets.

We can leverage the value of your assets to free up cash for day-to-day operations, expansion, payroll and more. An asset-based loan (ABL) is a revolving loan based upon the total realizable value of accounts receivable and inventory.

Our Asset-based lending products can provide funding in many situations where wholesale businesses have exhausted all of their options

Offering advance rates up to 90%, we can leverage your receivables and with regard to your inventory, whether warehoused or in transit, we can provide you with additional capital in order to pay suppliers early, allowing you to take advantage of early payment discounts.

Factoring and Receivable Management for Wholesale Business

With your product successfully delivered, having a continuous flow of cash is important for you to begin the cycle again. Your wholesale business is a moving force and it is cash that drives it and our wholesale financing can help.

Accord turns receivables into cash, by purchasing your accounts receivable and managing the collection process, allowing wholesale businesses to get the funds needed to make payroll, pay payables and set up any deposits required by suppliers in order to fulfill new orders.

In a fast-paced business, not having to wait to get paid can give you an edge and help you to achieve your growth goals.

Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections, a Key Factor in Wholesale Financing

With purchase orders in hand, but lacking the capital to pay for product, your growing wholesale company can find itself stalled by suppliers who demand up-front payment or Letters of Credit.

Typically, opening a Letter of Credit with a bank requires either that your company qualify for a conventional line of credit, or that you secure the Letter of Credit with cash. Many growing wholesale companies, who find themselves in need of Purchase Order Financing, do not meet the prerequisites of bank lines or do not want to tie up their cash flow, in order to secure a Letter of Credit.

Accord offers Purchase Order Financing for growing companies whereby we open Letters of Credit on your behalf, with minimal reserves, allowing you to turn your cash into sales.

Furthermore, once those goods are paid for, we will carry the loan, using your inventory as security, until you are able to turn it into receivables, so as to keep you continuously covered.

Credit Insurance Support Wholesale Financing

Through our years of experience, we have worked with wholesale companies, shipping around the globe, in order to assist in the management of their credit insurance. By working with our partners and with the expertise of our experienced staff we can walk you through the ins and outs of insurance policies and can work to get you the most secure and most relevant coverage.

Protecting Against Foreign Exchange Risk for Wholesalers

How does a wholesale business protect itself in a market where foreign exchange fluctuations can mean the difference between profit and loss? Sudden jumps or dips in foreign exchange can result in significant swings in gross margins and, while some swings can be profitable, others can be devastating. 

Your concern should be protecting profits and relying on a steady gross margin instead of playing the foreign exchange game. With Accord’s ability to secure foreign exchange forward contracts on your behalf, you can focus more attention on growth, secure in the knowledge that the company’s bottom line is protected.

Why Accord for Your Wholesale Financing Solutions?

With our variety of financing and coverage options, your wholesale business can enjoy the tailored financing it needs to grow. We are flexible and take the time to understand your business; your customers, seasonality constraints and inventory fluctuations.

We are able to provide Financing Solutions for a wide range of wholesale businesses, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Medical and technical equipment
  • Promotional products
  • Sporting goods
  • Furniture and more 

We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of your wholesale business—this ensures that our comprehensive financing solutions are structured specifically for you and your industry.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.


Wholesale financing refers to lending and borrowing services, usually leveraged by company assets, for wholesale businesses.

Asset-based lending is one of the most common wholesale financing solutions we offer, using your business’ assets as collateral for quick working capital. Other great solutions for wholesale businesses are:

Call us to get the most out of wholesale financing solutions specifically tailored to your business and situation: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US)

Yes, you can use wholesale inventory financing as a solution to maximize your working capital. By leveraging your inventory, your business will obtain working capital which you can use to purchase new inventory or finance other general operating expenses of your wholesale business.

When it comes to wholesale financing, there isn’t a standard timeline, because each situation is unique. Accord will work closely with you and your business to ensure the process stays on track and moves as fast as possible. Usually, businesses like yours can obtain wholesale financing in as little as a few weeks.

Accord understands the true value of different types of inventory and wholesale companies. We provide wholesale financing solutions for many sectors, such as:

  • commercial
  • apparel
  • medical
  • automotive

The main requirement to qualify for wholesale financing is sufficient collateral to cover the debt. So if your wholesale business has inventory, equipment and a history of sales volume, you are ready to apply for financing. If you are a U.S. or Canadian wholesaler with borrowing needs up to $20 million, call us to discuss how your business can benefit from wholesale financing: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US)

Wholesale equipment financing provides lease and loan financing solutions to support the acquisition of new equipment or the refinancing of existing equipment, including:

  • racking
  • forklifts
  • trucks
  • trailers
  • pick-ups

By maximizing the leverage on machinery, equipment and rolling stock, you can free up capital to invest in your wholesale business.

Yes! Our Canadian-based small business finance division offers loans of up to $75,000 to support small wholesalers of all types. Call us to discuss how you can benefit from small business financing: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada)

The best wholesale financing companies will provide you with flexible solutions based on what your business needs.

At Accord, our goal is to provide fast and flexible wholesale financing solutions based on your company’s unique needs and within timelines that will enable your business to succeed. Call us to discuss how your business can benefit from wholesale financing: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US)

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Client Testimonial

“We thank Accord for the quality of service they provided for three years. We sincerely appreciated their efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability they demonstrated on each of our accounts, and the way they conducted business as a whole. We have, and will continue to recommend Accord to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with their service.”

Sayan Navaratnam
Chief Executive Officer
Pneutech-Rousseau Group Inc.

Distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic components
Richmond Hill, ON
Client from 2013 to 2016