Financial Information

Accord Financial Corp., listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:ACD), is one of North America’s leading independent finance companies providing distinctive financing solutions to small and medium-sized companies from coast to coast.

Under the unified Accord brand, subsidiaries in Chicago, Greenville (SC), Santa Monica (through BondIt Media Capital), Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver provide a full spectrum of asset-based lending, from factoring and inventory finance, to equipment leasing and supply chain finance. While our solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, our goal remains the same: to allow our clients to transform their assets into valuable working capital, which fuels their next phase of growth. And our exceptional financial strength makes us the lender of choice for private equity partners, finance professionals and their client companies looking to seize opportunity and drive success.


We love helping companies reach their potential.

In fact, it’s our core purpose – our very reason for being. Our clients may be in growth mode, or restructuring and rebuilding. Whatever phase they’re in, we stand ready with a full range of working capital solutions to help them get wherever they want to go.

Our versatile finance programs allow our clients to transform their accounts receivable, inventory and equipment into valuable working capital. We’ve been doing it successfully for almost 40 years. How?

By living our values of Integrity (you can be confident we'll do what we say), Reliability (we'll be here when you need us) and Transparency (we're public, so you can see what we're made of).

And then there is our fundamental character. We are highly Accessible: you can talk to a decision maker any time you wish. We are Meticulous: we take our business seriously and approach every situation as such. And we are Passionate: we LOVE coming to work.

Purpose, values and character. As our clients attest, together they’re the bedrock of our ability to deliver far more than just money.

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