Buyout and Acquisition Finance: Funding Solutions You Need from Accord

Buying a business requires cash for the purchase price and working capital to operate the business. Using our asset-based finance products the liquidity you need to acquire a business is easy to obtain. Accord can provide acquisition finance in a simple and smooth solution to facilitate your plans.

Buyout and acquisition financing to make your growth plans a success.

Let Accord help finance your next acquisition or buyout

The chance to acquire a new business can be a tremendous opportunity to grow, gain new markets or market share. But, buying a company or buying out a partner or your principal can require a substantial amount of cash up front to finance the purchase.  Then you have to support the working capital needs going forward.  Whether you are a large, medium sized or small business, these requirements can strain your financial resources. When you utilize Accord’s buyout and acquisition finance facilities, you get the liquidity you need to make an acquisition and support its growth. We provide asset-based financing, secured by the value of the receivables, inventory and machinery and equipment of the company you are buying to finance its purchase.  Our buyout and acquisition finance facilities are easy to understand and just as easy to obtain.  We base our decisions on the value of the assets and your business acumen, not on a long list of financial covenants that constrain how you operate.

When you are considering an acquisition, a buyout or a merger, turn to an expert to provide the acquisition or buyout finance solution.  Accord has been providing liquidity solutions to businesses since 1978 and knows what it takes to help finance the acquisition or buyout of a business.  Our extensive experience with financial and strategic buyers, makes Accord a trusted partner to help you buy a business.  If this is the first one, or one of many, Accord can help.

With Accord, you have several types of business acquisition finance solutions available to help you buy another business. Each type of financing leverages different assets of the target company and can be used alone or in combination, to provide the acquisition or buyout financing you need;

Accounts Receivable Finance

  • Financing your accounts receivable provides upfront cash to manage your expenses while you wait to collect from your customers. The company has made a sale, don’t wait for the customers to pay before being able to use the cash.

Inventory Finance

  • Revolving inventory loans, based on the value of the inventory, provide the cash to pay your suppliers. It takes time to convert the inventory into sales, use the value of this asset to help speed the process. Available in conjunction with accounts receivable financing or as a standalone retail inventory loan

Equipment Finance

  • Term loans finance the equipment needed to operate your business without tying up your cash. While you use your equipment to produce goods and services, use the value of the equipment to provide liquidity to finance the purchase. 

Buying a business has many challenges

When you buy a business, there are many challenges to be faced, don’t let the financing be one of them.  The acquisition and transition to new ownership can involve many day-to-day details, legal agreements, contracts and leases, dealing the employees, goods or services production, customers, accounting systems, marketing and many others.  Don’t let the acquisition finance be an undue strain.  Accord can provide simple and easy to understand financing based on the assets of the business you are acquiring.  You focus on the opportunities for your business and we will focus on providing you the financing.

Accord’s buyout and acquisition finance facilities are based on the value of the assets; the accounts receivable, inventory and equipment.  We do not rely on financial covenants that may constrain your flexibility in operating the business.  We rely on your expertise and the value of your assets. 

Accord’s nearly 40 years of experience providing buyout and acquisition finance pays off for your business;

Accord has provided buyout and acquisition finance to businesses in a wide variety of sectors including:

Our experienced executives have decades of experience helping businesses make acquisitions and a broad array of services to help, call Accord and let us provide the acquisition finance package help you achieve your goals.

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Client Testimonial

“Accord was very responsive in helping us finance an acquisition last year.  The structure of the transaction was unusual and the characteristics of the collateral were fairly unique, but Accord was very creative in developing a financing structure that worked for the company and Accord. They were excellent to work with through closing and have been very flexible and responsive over the past year.  Our Accord experience has been great – they are a high integrity group who has exceeded expectations.”

Daniel Foreman
Kinsale Capital Partners, LLC

Chicago, IL
Client Since 2015