Tackle Growth Challenges with Growth Financing Solutions from Accord

Growth financing is a critical tool to achieve your goals. Growth is an objective, but it can present problems financing the increase in accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets needed to generate and sustain the growth. Accord can solve those problems with its simple growth financing solutions.

Growth financing solutions from Accord take you down the path to success.

Let Accord help your business prosper by providing growth financing to support increases in assets without unnecessary restrictions. 

When a business is growing, you need to invest in inventory, equipment and people to generate and support the growth. This investment can be costly and requires the business to have adequate liquidity. If your business is small, medium sized or large financing growth can strain your available cash resources.  Accord’s solutions for business growth financing provide the liquidity you need.  Our asset-based financing facilities are secured by the Company’s accounts receivable, inventory and machinery & equipment.  By leveraging your existing assets, you have the financial resources needed to sustain your growth.  

Our growth financing facilities are easy to understand and easy to obtain. When you are growing, turn to an expert to provide growth financing.  Accord has been providing growth financing for businesses since 1978. Through many years and hundreds of different situations, we know what it takes to help a business grow and prosper.

Accord has several types of growth financing facilities available to meet an expanding company’s needs.  Each leverage different assets of your company and can be used alone or in combination, to provide the growth financing you need;

Accounts Receivable Finance

  • Financing receivables provides upfront cash to manage your expenses while you wait to collect from your customers. You have made a sale, don’t wait for your customers to pay before being able to use the cash.

Inventory Finance

  • Revolving loans based on the value of inventory to provide the cash to pay your suppliers. It takes time to convert the inventory into sales, use the value of this asset to help speed the process. Available in conjunction with accounts receivable financing or as a standalone retail inventory loan.

Equipment Finance

  • Term loans to finance the equipment you need to operate your business without tying up your cash. While you use your equipment to produce goods and services, use the value of the equipment to provide liquidity to accelerate your growth.

The hidden challenge of a growing business 

You have a strategy to grow and opportunities are on the horizon that you do not want to miss.  Don’t let financial resources be the reason to miss an opportunity.  Accord will provide simple and easy to understand growth financing packages based on the assets of your business.  When your business is growing, you need to hire additional employees, acquire additional equipment and inventory and all of this requires cash.

Business expansion involves many day-to-day details: dealing with the employees, customers, integrating production, accounting, marketing and a lot more.  Don’t let financing the company and facilitating its growth be an added strain.  Your growing businesses may not have the cash to pay for these needed assets before you have produced the goods or services and been paid by your customers. While all this time is passing, the bills have come due.  You need to pay employees and vendors, but you haven’t been paid by your customers yet.

Accord’s growth financing facilities are based on the value of the assets; accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment. Unlike other lenders, we do not rely on financial covenants that may constrain your flexibility in operating the business.  We rely on your business savvy and the value of the business assets.

Don’t miss a profitable opportunity because cash is tied up in your business.  Let us provide the growth financing to help your business expand and prosper. 

Accord’s nearly 40 years of experience financing growth pays off for your business

Accord has help business grow in a wide variety of sectors including:

Our knowledgeable executives have decades of experience helping businesses grow and we offer a broad array of services including business growth financing to help you achieve your goals.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.

Growth Financing FAQ

Growth financing is a loan, usually secured by your company’s assets, which provides the capital needed to support an opportunity that would significantly increase your company’s sales.

Growth financing helps you achieve your goals by providing the financial resources needed to capitalize on business growth opportunities. Your company’s existing AR, inventory, machinery and/or equipment can leverage this loan.

You can leverage Accord’s growth financing facilities that can be used alone or in combination: AR financing, inventory financing, machinery financing and equipment financing. Each allow you to use the value of your assets as leverage to financing the operation of your business without tying up your cash. Unlike banks and other lenders, we do not rely on financial covenants that may hinder your business’ full growth potential.

Yes, businesses like yours, located in the U.S. and Canada, can take advantage of Accord’s growth financing to support both their domestic and international growth objectives. Your business can buy and sell globally; Accord offers a number of programs including AccordOctet and various import and export financing solutions to help.

Yes! Get Accord’s growth financing for your business with annual sales from $100,000. Call us to discuss how you can fuel your small business with fast and flexible growth financing solutions: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

Yes, companies like yours across a variety of industries (manufacturing, retail, service, food & beverage, wholesale and more) can benefit from Accord’s growth financing facilities.

The best growth financing companies provide financing facilities that are easy to understand and easy to obtain. At Accord, we have been providing growth financing for businesses since 1978 and are eager to provide you with what it takes to help your business grow and prosper. Call us directly and get financing to boost your business growth: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

Yes, your Canadian company can utilize growth financing from Accord to capitalize on a wide variety of business opportunities.

Yes, Accord offers growth financing for companies throughout the United States and Canada. Give us a call to finance your business growth: +1-844-725-4225 (US)/ +1-844-932-9940 (Canada)

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Client Testimonial

“Zigi Canada has enjoyed growing success in the fast-paced world of fashion footwear. Our challenge was to sustain our growth in Canada while seizing new opportunities in the US. Our energy is focused on sourcing original and exciting styles, and building relationships with key retail partners on both sides of the border. Fast turn-around in every area is essential. Accord gives us quick credit decisions, credit protection, and keeps our receivables turning – allowing us to grow. When we looked to break into the US market, it made sense to go there with Accord on our side.”

Michael Bogdan
Zigi Canada Ltd.

Footwear design and distribution
Toronto, ON
Client since 2010