Restructuring and Turnaround Financing Propels Your Company’s Recovery

It takes time and resources to overcome business challenges—get back on track for growth and success with restructuring and turnaround financing from Accord

Restructuring and turnaround financing can help you persevere through difficult times.

Restructuring and Turnaround financing: let our experience help you through this trying time

The restructuring and turnaround process is both time critical and challenging. Focussing your time and resources on operations is key to the process, but having the right financing partner is just as important. If you don’t have the financial resources to survive, your best plans will not succeed. Having helped companies across a broad range of industries restructure and return to profitability, Accord understands both the urgency of financial distress and the operational challenges. We have the resources and expertise to respond quickly and help your business get back on track.

Accord’s many years of experience in financing turnarounds equips us with a deep understanding of the process and the decisive factors that are key to successful restructuring and turnarounds. Whether your company is being reorganized under formal bankruptcy protection or outside of a formal process, Accord can help.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to intelligently discuss the specific issues facing a restructuring and turnaround plan and interact with your company’s professionals, whether they be accountants, trustees, lawyers or turnaround specialist.

Restructuring and Turnaround financing leverages your assets to get back on track

Using our asset-based lending products, together we can work with you and your advisors to craft a financial plan that allows your company to execute its operational plan and achieve the objective of the turnaround—solid profitability and a “stronger” balance sheet.

Accord’s asset-based lending facilities, use the value of your business assets to finance its operation and facilitate its recovery.

If your company has filed for bankruptcy protection, we can finance under the debtor in possession (DIP) process until the formal process is completed.  As your company exits the bankruptcy proceedings our normal ABL financing will fund the next steps of your recovery.

Restructuring and turnaround financing can be your key success

Given the many challenges and time critical nature of restructuring and turnaround situations, there are some keys to coming out on top.  One of the keys to the success of the turnaround exercise, from the financing point of view, is having sufficient and flexible funding available. This is where Accord comes in, assisting you with our asset-based lending products, and we help turn the assets of your company (accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment) into cash.  Our fast and flexible financing can help you overcome the challenge of liquidity constraints so you can focus on the other elements of a successful turnaround.

Among these other elements is the overall quality of your turnaround plan, which we will have to approve as reasonable and financeable under our lending formula.  We work hard to understand the various aspects of your business and ensure that everything is considered in your plan. We have the experience of being in business since 1978 to rely on.  When your plan as financeable, you are already on the right path.

Restructuring and turnaround financing with you from beginning to end

Accord is committed to being at your side through the entire process of restructuring and turnaround, and will work with you and your advisors to:

  • Establish objectives and identify obstacles to the turnaround plan
  • Determine the parameters and roadblocks to a solid financial plan
  • Get the plans approved and in place (including Accord’s financing)
  • Monitor the progress of the turnaround and make adjustments where necessary

Our industry expertise

Accord has the experience in restructuring and turnaround financing to helped companies in a wide variety of industries throughout the United States and Canada. We have provided restructuring and turnaround financing to companies in many industries and sectors, including:

The Accord advantage

When you choose to work with Accord, you’ve got one of North America’s most experienced financing teams on your side. For Nearly 40 years, we have helped companies like yours navigate through times of uncertainty and disruption and come out on top.

Make our many years of expertise your advantage with the appropriate financing for a successful restructuring and turnaround. Let us put our expertise to work helping you successfully restructure your operations and return to normal.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.

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Client Testimonial

“I would highly recommend Accord Financial for any company that needs financing. To be very blunt, I know that I would not be in business today if Accord did not show tremendous patience with my company and myself during very tough times early on.”

Marc Regenstreif
Twelve Ounce

Apparel Wholesaler and Distributor
Montreal, QC
Client from 2006 to 2013