Bridge through Unexpected Events with Flexible Financing from Accord

When your business takes an unexpected turn, Accord is your bridge to success. Your access to fast, flexible capital starts here.

Persevere through unexpected events with flexible financing solutions from Accord.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it

Every business has its challenges. Successful business leaders focus on what they can control: their strategy, growth plans, efficiency and customer satisfaction. But even with all the right pieces in place, unexpected events can happen.

  • Do you have an opportunity to take on an unusually large project or order?
  • Are you planning to open a new location or start a new line of business?
  • Are you facing unplanned or emergency equipment repairs?
  • Has weather or another natural event caused a surprise slowdown or temporary halt in your business?
  • Has a large customer defaulted on their debt to you?

Any of these events could end up a missed opportunity or even worse, cause harm to your business. The solution is fast, flexible bridge financing, when you need it, on terms that work for you. 

Seize the opportunity with fast access to capital

The fastest, most flexible way to finance an unexpected event is to apply for an AccordAccess small business loan. An AccordAccess small business loan provides up to $75,000, repaid over a term up to 18 months with simple, fixed weekly payments.

This program was designed specifically to help you manage short-term events, including:

  • Financing an important new purchase order
  • Paying for equipment repairs
  • Managing cash-flow in the case of a customer credit loss

When you need fast access to capital, Accord is ready to work. Once you submit your application, the entire process moves quickly, and in many cases your small business loan is funded the next business day – direct to your bank account. 

The fast approval time and short repayment term makes it easy to borrow when you need it, and pay it back once the business challenge has been met. And AccordAccess is typically offered without the need to pledge collateral, which means you have full flexibility to maintain all your other forms of financing.

When you need quick capital to take advantage of growth opportunities or manage through challenging events, make AccordAccess your bridge to success.

Unlock cash from equipment you already own

If your business owns equipment, the solution to your short-term financing challenge may already be in your warehouse, yard or on a job site. When you need to access cash quickly, you can refinance existing assets with a new lease or equipment finance loan. This is a great way to unlock fresh capital, giving you the funds you need to seize an opportunity or manage an unexpected challenge.   

Refinancing your equipment with Accord can provide up to $2.5 million. While many clients finance less than $250,000, we’re equally comfortable financing ten times that amount, provided there is significant equity in your equipment. And you can use this new capital to solve almost any business challenge you face.

There are many benefits to refinancing your equipment:

  • Terms up to five years can minimize your monthly payments, giving you stronger cash flow to manage your business profitably
  • If you’re in a seasonal industry like tourism or forestry, we can vary the monthly payments to match your seasonal cycles
  • Equipment finance leaves your bank and other credit lines open for other uses

Refinancing equipment is ideal when the opportunity or challenge has an unknown timeframe, possibly lasting several years or more. This could include:

  • Starting up a new line of business, which might take time to reach breakeven
  • A severe natural or economic event with an unpredictable recovery time
  • A potential acquisition, which requires creative financing from multiple sources

If any of these situations sound familiar, call Accord. We can leverage our passion and experience to fully understand your challenge and find a creative solution to keep your business on track.

For more than a decade we’ve provided lease and loan financing to entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries, from retail, restaurant and hospitality, to transportation and construction, manufacturing and more. Even if your equipment is older or nonconventional, your solution starts with Accord.

Take the risk out of your accounts receivable

What if you could prevent one of the most common unplanned expenses, which happens across all industries? It’s very difficult to predict which customer will default on their payment to you, but you know eventually one of them will. A bad debt loss, especially from a large customer, can put your entire business at risk.

The ideal way to eliminate this risk is simply to outsource it to Accord. When you outsource your accounts receivable management to Accord, we can also guarantee you’ll get paid. Accord does all the analysis and makes the credit decision for you. And like credit insurance, we pay you if your customer can’t.

For a simple fee, often less than the early payment discount you offer your customers, Accord delivers:


  • Full credit & collection service with a dedicated team working for you
  • 100% accounts receivable guarantees with no deductibles

When you choose Accord for your accounts receivable management, you’ve got one of North America’s most experienced teams on your side. For nearly 40 years we’ve provided cost-effective, risk-free credit guarantees and collection services. With complete coverage of North America and strong alliances worldwide, you can trust our knowledge, expertise and connections to deliver superior results across all industries.

If you are a US or Canadian importer, exporter, manufacturer or distributor Accord’s accounts receivable management services are right for you.

Unexpected events can happen to any business, anywhere, anytime

Accord is ready to help no matter what business you’re in. Our clients represent a cross-section of dynamic industries from coast to coast, including:

With a broad range of solutions, Accord can help no matter what the challenge.

Give us a call and get to work with North America’s premier independent finance company.


There are many types of unexpected events your company might face that require financing. Examples of some unexpected events include:

  • emergency repairs
  • a surprise change in supply needs
  • a new opportunity with significant upfront costs

A bridge loan is a short-term business loan—typically secured by your company’s assets or other guarantees—that support your financing needs until a more permanent solution is obtained. Bridge loans are great to use when something unexpected comes up, because your company can quickly obtain this type of loan.

When an unexpected situation arises, and your business becomes in need of a quick loan solution, a bridge loan is there to provide immediate capital, “bridging the gap” between the unexpected event and a long-term or permanent solution. Bridge Loans will provide you with the financial resources needed to operate as you seek out a fitting long-term solution.

Unexpected malfunctions in equipment can be costly. While Accord doesn’t offer financing vehicle repairs, other types of equipment repairs and replacements, such as production machinery, are eligible for immediate financing through a bridge loan and can also be financed by using Accord’s equipment financing solutions.

Natural disasters are unplanned events that can create unexpected expenses, often a refinancing or a bridge financing can provide the necessary financing to help you recover from such a situation.

Accord offers a variety of bridge loans to fit your needs. AccordAccess is a small business loan where you can quickly access up to $75,000 of financing. Refinancing your equipment or using an asset-based loan facility are also great bridge loan solutions.

Yes, Accord offers bridge loan financing in Canada, including Ontario and Quebec. Companies in the US - including California, Texas, Seattle, Massachusetts, Florida, Chicago and everything in between - can also benefit from Accord’s bridge loans.

The entire process of applying for a bridge loan moves quickly. With a viable bridge loan strategy, Accord will work with you to quickly structure and fund your unexpected financing needs and can do so in as little as a few weeks.

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Client Testimonial

“Every successful business needs a good bank to support their funding requirements, without restricting their growth. The Accord team that WSP International has worked with over the past eight years has always done just that. Their flexibility and ability to react to our changing needs cannot be found with any conventional bank. Most banks are there for you when times are good. It’s during the bumps along the road when you really need a bank that most banks go silent on you. Accord on the other hand, has come through for us time and time again when we have hit those bumps along the road! Thank you Accord for sticking with us and for being a major part of our success!”

Grant Weltman
President and CEO
Dan Campbell, Chairman
WSP International Limited

Marketing and Advertising Service Provider
Markham, ON
Client from 2007 to 2016