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Complete accounts receivable (A/R) management services with 100% customer credit protection guaranteed

Why outsource your accounts receivable (A/R) management to Accord? Most importantly, because we guarantee payment to you. Accord does all the analysis, determines which clients are eligible for terms, and sets each credit limit. Like credit insurance, we pay your accounts receivable if your customer can’t.

  • Do your people spend too much time on collections, without worthwhile results?
  • Do they spend too little time, so your receivables don’t settle as fast they should?
  • Would you and your team be more effective focusing on growth?
  • Is the tough economy and increased competition putting your best customers on shaky ground?
  • Have you had enough of credit losses?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, call Accord. No matter what business you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

Extending credit is a fact of life for many business owners, but deciding who to extend it to, and how much, can be risky business.

You probably spend too much time, money and effort chasing down references and obtaining bank reports, but you’re still uncertain. Give too much credit and you’re at risk. Too little and your goods are unsold.

Even if you set appropriate credit limits. Money doesn’t arrive like clockwork. You need to know who owes you, how much and for how long. Accounts receivable management requires time, effort and money. It requires a polite, but persistent attitude. Skillful collectors are not born, they are carefully trained, hard to find and can be costly to hire on your own.

Effective accounts receivable management requires painstaking diligence, accuracy and good judgement. Even if you do everything right, your customer could still go under, leaving you with nothing. On top of that, too many poor decisions may lead to your bank cutting back your credit line.

If you are a US or Canadian importer, exporter, manufacturer or distributor, with annual sales of $500,000 to $50 million, Accord’s accounts receivable management services are right for you.

We virtually become your accounts receivable management department for all sales made on credit terms. With Accord on your side, your relationships with customers, suppliers and your bank will all be stronger.

Accord streamlines the entire accounts receivable management process, eliminating credit risk and keeping your accounts receivable collection cycle on track:

  • We review your entire customer list, analyzing credit quality and establishing a credit line for each customer
  • You ship to each customer and provide us with copies of each invoice, uploaded electronically
  • We track those invoices and keep in touch with your customers to make sure they pay on time
  • If any customer seeks creditor protection or goes bankrupt, we pay you 100% up to the amount of the credit line

For a simple fee—typically less than the discount given customers for fast payment—Accord delivers complete accounts receivable management, including:

  • 100% accounts receivable guarantees with no deductibles
  • Full credit & collection service with a dedicated team working for you
  • Fast, flexible credit decisions, most within 24 hours or less
  • Complete customer account record-keeping, collections and daily cash reports
  • Real time 24/7 secure online access to all customer transactions

For over 40 years, we’ve helped small- and medium-sized businesses with cost-effective, risk-free credit guarantees and accounts receivable collection services.

Accounts receivable management is a business all its own. When you choose Accord for your accounts receivable management, you’ve got one of North America’s most experienced teams on your side.

Since 1978, Accord has provided accounts receivable management for open account trade around the world. No matter where you ship, between Canada and the US or to more than 50 countries worldwide, you’re covered from decision to collection.

We’re set up to deal with multiple currencies, time zones, and navigate language, cultural and business differences. You sell more competitively on the same terms you do here at home.

We provide fast, flexible accounts receivable management solutions to help your business run more smoothly. We have worked with a wide variety of industries and compiled a broad understanding to best serve your needs.

With complete coverage of the US and Canada, and strong alliances worldwide, you can trust our knowledge, expertise and connections to deliver superior results across all industries. Make our expertise your advantage, with complete accounts receivable management service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Receivable Management, or AR management, is the control of the entire process of your business’ accounts receivables. The process is streamlined with tasks that include billing, tracking invoices and ensuring timely payments of outstanding invoices.

Hiring a team of experts to manage your AR is a fast and effective way to strengthen your company’s financial position and add value to your business. Your accounts receivable management goals may include:

  • credit protection for outstanding balances
  • reducing the payment duration
  • gaining control over collection services
  • maintaining accurate record keeping and reports

Accord oversees your entire accounts receivable process, reducing or eliminating credit risk and keeping your accounts receivable collection cycle on track. Some key areas of the AR Management process include:

  • a review of your customer list
  • credit quality analysis
  • communicating with your customers as bills become due
  • a credit guaranteed

Accounts receivable management is a vital part of your company’s financial stability. Maintaining an organized and professional AR management process is critical in order for your company to reduce credit risk, improve the collection cycle and grow profitability. By outsourcing your accounts receivable management to an expert like Accord, you’ll have more time to grow your business.

Accounts Receivable Management is a service streamlining your entire AR process. AR Factoring is a type of financing that uses your company’s receivables as leverage in order to free up capital stuck in your unpaid invoices.

The prompt collection of your accounts receivable requires diligence, accuracy and patience. Having a skilled, organized and persistent collection professional on your team can help improve your accounts receivable collection period.

Accord provides accounts receivable management services to U.S. and Canadian importers/exporters, manufacturers or distributors with annual sales over $500,000. Call us to discuss how your business can benefit from accounts receivable management: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

Yes. Accord provides accounts receivable management for U.S. and Canadian companies— shipping both domestically and abroad—and has been a member of Factors Chain International (FCI) since 1988.

The best accounts receivable management companies have experienced teams with knowledge, expertise and connections to deliver superior results. Accord has been providing accounts receivable management services since 1978. In choosing Accord as your service provider, you will have one of North America’s most experienced teams working for you.