Supply Chain
Finance Can
Fuel Your Growth
With AccordOctet

Our supply chain finance program, AccordOctet, is as simple to use as a credit card

Borrow up to $1 million with an unsecured (no collateral) revolving term supply chain finance facility for inventory/supplies with monthly payments by automated debit (similar to credit card).

Supply chain finance with AccordOctet is as simple to use as a credit card and works in much the same way. The program carries a modest transaction fee, similar to a credit card merchant fee, which can often be negotiated and even covered by your suppliers. You pay no standby fees and there is no fixed term—so this unique supply chain finance program will be there whenever you need it.

AccordOctet is a unique supply chain finance solution designed for North American companies sourcing products and materials anywhere in the world.

Flexible supply chain finance is a valuable tool to solving the challenge of managing and sustaining growth. Traditional bank financing will always be one step behind  —basing your line of credit on past performance. As a business-builder, it never pays to stand still, you need to look forward. Talk to us if:
  • You have valuable purchase orders in hand, but not enough cash to execute
  • You need a larger inventory to satisfy repeat business without delay
  • You could ramp up your manufacturing process, but don’t have enough materials to drive output
  • Peak season is here, but your bank line is already stretched
These are great problems to have, because opportunity is within reach. AccordOctet is a dynamic supply chain finance tool that solves these challenges, helping you seize opportunity and maximize growth.

This innovative supply chain finance program provides an interest-free, unsecured line of credit, strengthening your purchasing power without interfering with existing financing facilities. AccordOctet supply chain financing:

  • Provides quick payment to your suppliers
  • Allows up to 120 days for you to repay Accord
  • Up to 60 days is covered by a modest transaction fee
  • Interest is paid only on the declining balance after 60 days

Accord’s supply chain finance program is ideal for importers, distributors and manufacturers, in a wide variety of industries:

  • Textiles & apparel
  • Hard goods like sporting goods, appliances and electronics
  • Toys and giftware
  • Food & beverage

Supply chain finance with AccordOctet can help your businesses finance goods for purchase orders, inventory, or materials required for manufacturing. Use supply chain financing to unlock capital otherwise tied up in your procurement cycle, by reducing the critical timing gap between cash outflow to suppliers and cash inflow from customers.

Our funds enable you to immediately pay your suppliers, and then pay us back as you collect from your customers. This fast trade settlement puts you in a stronger negotiating position with your suppliers, which means better pricing and enhanced long-term loyalty.

Supply chain finance is safe, secure and simple with AccordOctet. Our flexible international trade financing complements existing credit lines, and gives you a trading advantage.

Enjoy seamless integration with your suppliers. Our supply chain finance program is backed by a state-of-the-art portal, connecting your business, your suppliers and Accord, enabling a seamless flow of documentation and funds.

Using secure online access, you can review and authorize transactions online, and Accord pays your suppliers within twenty-four hours. You then have up to 60 days interest-free to repay Accord, with the option to defer up to 75% of the balance for an additional 60 days.

We don’t ask for any security, which means you’re free to use supply chain finance alongside other secured international trade financing arrangements now and in the future.

Optimizes the cash flow cycle:

Using supply chain finance allows you to increase the size and frequency of your orders. The program can also drive growth by providing extra credit for large orders and/or peak periods, which promotes and enhances growth opportunities.

Quick trade settlement puts you in a stronger negotiating position with your suppliers, which means better pricing and supplier loyalty. Plus, suppliers often offer early payment discounts, which reduce your overall supply chain finance cost.

Does your business qualify?

We welcome your application for supply chain finance if this describes your business:

  • Your business has 2 or more years of operating history
  • Minimum annual sales of $1,000,000
  • Your business is profitable (on a cash-flow basis)
  • The business has positive tangible equity
  • You have complete and current financial statements
  • You would benefit from supply chain finance between $100,000 and $1,000,000

Supply chain finance is an excellent source of additional funding for companies already financed in other ways. AccordOctet frequently augments:

  • Asset-based lending (including PO financing / Letters of credit and DIP financing)
  • Accounts receivable financing / Factoring
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Equipment finance
  • Small business loans

Consolidating all of these services under the Accord umbrella can simplify your financing and optimize your leverage, both secured and unsecured.

The AccordOctet portal facilitates a seamless flow of documents and funds between you and your suppliers anywhere in the world—simplifying international transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supply chain financing provides importers and manufacturers short-term solutions for sourcing finished products and raw materials. By increasing liquidity, a supply chain finance facility can help accelerate the growth in your business by allowing you to accept more orders.

Supply chain finance works by providing quick payments to your suppliers and supporting outstanding account receivable from your customers. This enables you to accelerate the rate at which you can receive products from your supply chain and fulfill orders from your customers.

Financing tools that can help support your supply chain include: AccordOctet, reverse factoring, letter of credit facilities and asset-based loan facilities that provide inventory and accounts receivable financing.

Your company obtains a supply chain finance facility which accelerates payment to your suppliers for goods that that are pre-sold to a credit worthy customer. This allows you to fulfill an additional order, which would have otherwise been impossible due to the constraints of your existing lines of credit.

Supply chain finance generates cash flow and allows your business to seize every opportunity because you are not tying up all of your cash to make payments to your suppliers or waiting on payments from customers. A good supply chain finance solution will allow you to accept additional orders from your customers and generate more cash flow and profits in your business.

Factoring can be an important component of supply chain financing. Once your suppliers have been paid for their goods and you have shipped the final product to your customers, you can use factoring to convert the accounts receivable into cash.

Reverse factoring is a type of supply chain financing where the factoring company accelerates payments to your suppliers and extends additional terms to you, the buyer. This frees up your cash while ensuring that your suppliers continue to receive timely payments.

Yes, we offer supply chain financing to small businesses, given you meet some qualifications. Call us to discuss how you can benefit from a fast and flexible supply chain finance solution: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

Our Canadian offices currently offer supply chain financing to companies across North America. So yes! Call us directly and get financing for your supply chain: +1-844-932-9940 (Canada) / +1-844-725-4225 (US).

The best supply chain finance companies have experienced teams who understand the dynamics and intricacies of international trade. Accord is a member of Factors Chain International and offers AccordOctet that can connect you to thousands of overseas suppliers.