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For over 40 years, we have financed companies in transition – reinventing, rebuilding, or simply shifting into growth mode. With a full range of versatile solutions, Accord holds the key to unlock our clients’ potential.

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What Transformative Event is Your Business Navigating?

Whether you are restructuring for a turnaround, growing too fast, or facing trajectory-altering opportunity, Accord’s financing solutions can help you successfully transition to the next stage in your business’ lifecycle.

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Need it the Most

Flexible and frictionless financing solutions seamlessly deployed and built to help your business thrive.

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When your business needs to adapt, innovate and invest, put our expertise and financial strength behind your mission to seize opportunity and drive success.

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Sporting goods business financing: Exploring asset-based lending solutions

Although much of the sporting goods sold in North America are imported from overseas, there has been an increase in reshoring for many categories. Working capital needs differ greatly between domestic production and importing to get from design to collecting accounts receivable post-sale in the cash conversion cycle.

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Accord Releases 2020 Annual Report

Fiscal 2020 presented Accord’s toughest challenge since the start-up years in the late 1970s. Despite the headwinds we made significant progress in positioning Accord for the next phase of growth. As the economy reopens, Accord is ready to roll.

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Accord Purchase Order Financing… What is it and how does... Accord Purchase Order Financing… What is it and how does it work?

When business owners reach out to discuss their working capital requirements, many have a need relating to purchase order financing, or PO financing. In the simplest form, they have an order or pipeline of orders, but lack the cash flow to be able to convert their orders into sales.

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