Growth Financing:
Tackling Growth-Related Challenges


Funding growth entirely with equity can be costly and can sap needed working capital.

Our asset-based financing options are secured by company receivables, inventory, machinery and equipment. By leveraging existing assets, your company can get access to the financial resources needed to drive or sustain rapid growth.

Our Growth Capital Services

Accord has several types of growth financing arrangements available to meet an expanding company’s needs and make a transformational event possible. Each funding solution leverages various company assets, either alone or in combination with others, to provide financing options for high-growth opportunities.

Asset-Based Lending

Ideal to finance growth, an acquisition, or support a turnaround, Accord’s fast and flexible lending solutions help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) borrow money to manage their critical transactions.

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Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing through asset-based lending is a viable alternative to bank financing for companies looking for maximum flexibility. An Accounts receivable facility can unlock the value of the accounts receivable you have earned but have not yet collected.

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Equipment Financing

Whether you’re unlocking cash from equipment you already own or financing new asset acquisition, our fast and flexible financing solutions provide immediate cash flow to help your business grow.

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The Hidden Challenges of Growing a Business

Don’t let a lack of financial resources hold your company back from its growth potential. With the right strategy in place, your company can gain a competitive advantage over others in your industry by seizing formerly out-of-reach opportunities through growth financing.

Accord provides growth financing supported by the assets of your business. Should you need to hire additional employees, make an investment in equipment or inventory, bring new products to market or drive growth through acquisitions, having the optimal capital structure is critical to success.

Business expansion involves achieving a delicate balance between managing day-to-day operations, ranging from employee management to customer care, marketing and others, while making the right investments to ensure revenue growth and profitability over the long term. As a company grows, it can be easy to fall into a situation where cash flow needs make it impossible to make these kinds of investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Growth financing is a loan, usually secured by your company’s assets, which provides the capital needed to support an opportunity that would significantly increase your company’s sales.

Growth financing helps you achieve your goals by providing the financial resources needed to capitalize on business growth opportunities. Your company’s existing accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and/or equipment can leverage new funds.

Venture capital investments can be a source of growth capital. But they are only a good fit for certain businesses, and entrepreneurs must be prepared to give up an equity stake in their company to attract these kinds of investors.

You can leverage Accord’s growth financing options, alone or in combination, such as AR financing, inventory financing, machinery financing and equipment financing. Each approach can allow you to use the value of your assets as leverage to finance the operation of your business without tying up your cash flow.

Yes, American or Canadian businesses like yours, can leverage Accord’s growth financing to reach new markets, both domestically and internationally.

Yes! Get Accord’s growth financing for your business with annual sales from $100,000. Call us to discuss how you can fuel your small business with fast and flexible growth financing solutions at +1-800-967-0015.

Yes, companies like yours across a variety of industries (manufacturing, retail, service, food and beverage, wholesale and more) can benefit from Accord’s growth financing facilities.

At Accord, we have been providing growth financing for businesses since 1978 and are eager to provide you with what it takes to help your business grow and prosper. Call us directly and get financing to boost your business growth at +1-800-967-0015.

Yes, your Canadian company can utilize growth financing from Accord to capitalize on a wide variety of business opportunities.

Yes, Accord offers growth financing for companies throughout the United States and Canada. Give us a call to finance your business growth at +1-800-967-0015.