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Equipment Financing
Provides Fast, Tailored
Growth Capital


For over 20 years, Accord’s equipment financing teams have provided lease and loan financing that span smaller enterprises, private equity and publicly-owned companies.

Need construction equipment or heavy equipment financing? Experienced in a wide range of business sectors, we serve a diverse set of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Mining & Forestry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical / Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Instead of purchasing equipment outright with a credit card and racking up debt, consider our range of equipment financing options. They can help create new paths for revenue and growth. When opportunity knocks, call Accord Financial.

Whether you need new equipment or seek to leverage existing assets, it can be difficult to choose the best financial partner for your business

Is Business Equipment Leasing the Right Path for You?

You need the right equipment to get the job done, but finding the right equipment financing solution can be a challenge. Should you buy from business equipment dealers and manufactures? Is equipment leasing worth it? Do you need flexible payment terms? What if your business is seasonal? Can you leverage your existing equipment to grow your business? Accord can help you navigate your unique situation to meet your equipment needs.

When your business already owns equipment but you need to generate cash for an acquisition, expansion, operations or other purposes, you can use existing assets as collateral for a new lease or equipment financing loan. This is a non-dilutive method to unlock working capital.

When business owners need new equipment or want to leverage existing equipment to achieve their plans for growth, you can count on Accord to build an equipment financing solution for your business.

We approach our business with the same entrepreneurial spirit that you bring to yours. We built our equipment financing business and understand what it takes to succeed

How Equipment Lease and Loan Financing Can Help

When your equipment financing needs represent a business opportunity, it is rarely straight forward. We invest the time to understand your company, the merits of the capital request, and help you seize it.

Accord provides a wide variety of equipment financing options to give you access to the equipment your business needs, including: leases, loans, sale leaseback and lines of credit. Financing equipment is a cost-effective and tax-efficient way for your business to acquire assets (whether new or used). Accord considers almost all asset and equipment types including in-place, used and non-conventional equipment.

Best of all, business equipment financing offers compelling advantages over other forms of financing and keeps your cash and credit lines available for other uses, such as staffing, marketing and paying suppliers.

  • Leasing is independent of long-term or working capital debt
  • Pay for your equipment as it generates incremental revenue by matching a term, a contract, ownership exit, or equipment useful life
  • Fixed monthly payments make equipment financing a good hedge against inflation
  • Payments required for the lease can be tax deductible and reduce income tax liability
  • Trade up or upgrade your equipment at any time to avoid technological obsolescence

Equipment financing solutions for businesses that are overlooked and under-served by the large financial institutions

Many small business owners purchase the equipment they need and end up in debt and sometimes bankruptcy. Equipment financing solutions for businesses are overlooked and under-served by many large financial institutions.

If you have bank financing in place, Accord can supplement with additional funding for situations or equipment that the bank won’t consider. Accord’s mission includes supporting businesses with growth and liquidity when needed—not just when it’s attractive to the lender.

With Accord, you will have an experienced team that is dedicated to helping your business thrive. As our relationship develops, and your needs evolve, we will be there to help.

Accord invests off its own balance sheet, which gives you two distinct advantages:

  • Flexible equipment financing solutions that may not be available from more regulated lenders
  • Your relationship team works with you from funding to end of lease—no third parties to navigate

Our specialists review the credit score, history, and more for many business owners. Accord also offers equipment financing directly through equipment vendors. We create financial programs matched to each vendor’s client profile to achieve a mutual goal: grow revenue.

Leasing equipment doesn’t have to be a strain. Find out more about our equipment loan financing options and the variety of financing services we provide. Contact us today!

accord services equipment financing faq

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical range of opportunities we fund is from $500,000 to $20 million. We also partner with banks and other financing organizations to help companies reach the level of financing they need.

Typically, 100% of the hard equipment cost is capitalized in the lease. Soft costs, such as installation, delivery, maintenance agreements and sales tax, can be included in the capitalized lease amount. While every situation is different, our goal is to make sure you have what you need to achieve your objectives.

Our leases and loans have base lease terms up to five years and are matched to equipment useful life and expected usage/need.

Equipment loans and leases under $1 million in value can be reviewed with representative company financial information, equipment specifications, and owner review. Business loans and leases over $1 million require a more holistic review of the lessee takes place, including but not limited to:

  • Financials
  • Ownership
  • Market Analysis
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Other factors

For transactions under $1 million, prospective clients know within a few business days. Transactions over $1 million require a more holistic lessee review, whereby approvals can take up to 2 weeks.

As highly regulated institutions, bank leasing divisions are typically restricted to higher credit quality lessees and offer standard lease products/structures. Accord is an alternative lender that focuses on small enterprises and the middle market (<$1B revenue) non-investment grade lessees. We tailor each equipment financing option to each company.

Accord’s advantage compared to brokers is that we have a strong balance sheet to fund leases directly. Accord typically seeks to hold up to $20 million for each lessee and its Capital Markets desk can place additional transaction value with peer lessors, if needed.

We fund across the U.S. and Canada, but can find peer lessors that deliver funds for various needs in almost every other continent. Accord prides itself on providing customized financing options.